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Hello there & Welcome to my blog! My name is Maria & I've been a DanFan of 13 yrs (and counting!). I am the creator of the Radcliffe4Ever blog & Twitter page & Google + Page!
My blog is dedicated to the most wonderful man ever created on the face of the earth: Daniel Jacob Radcliffe <3 I hope that my blog can be a place to honor Dan and keep up with all the exciting new things happening in his life. I am OBSESSIVE. So if you're looking for LOADS of Dan, then you've come to the right place! Lots of Love Maria xoxoxox
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  • Do you do method acting because like in Kill Your Darlings you were amazing -

  • Daniel Radcliffe:

    Oh thank you!

  • And Woman in Black. Did you use method acting to help you?

  • Daniel Radcliffe:

    I mean, no, I don't know... There's only one person I've ever worked with who I would define as a true method actor - who's Ben Foster on Kill Your Darlings. And he is amazing.

  • Daniel Radcliffe:

    And also does method acting in a way that it does not affect anyone else but himself and he's kind of self-contained

  • Daniel Radcliffe:

    And he's amazing, you know. He's such a team player as well as doing that

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“I’m never gonna spend all the money I was paid on Potter,” he says. “Having lots of money should free you from worrying about money rather than just going, ‘Oh my god, I want more.’ Because, like, what are you gonna do with all that?

“I wanna do films where I have a good experience,” he says. “Ultimately, that’s the most important thing for me. There are scenes in films that I would take back, acting-wise, and do again, and there are lots of times watching films I’m in [when] I go, ‘Oh, god, I don’t like that’ or ‘I don’t like this’ or whatever. 

“But I have had a fantastic time on every single job I’ve ever done, bar none. And to me, that’s way more important. The money is wonderful, and I’m very lucky to be doing a job where you get, you know, ludicrously overcompensated. But the main reason I do it is because I like being on a film set. I like hanging out with all those people.”

Read Dan’s interview in NOW Magazine here.